Saint Nia’s services and programs include: 

Financial Management Summit for Teens:


Saint Nia offers financial summits for teens that cover topics such as financial planning, goal setting, finding a career, how to avoid identity theft, computer and electronics financing, financing a college education, insurance, and more. Attendee participation is incentivized via the raffling of free books, computers, and other prizes.

Saint Nia utilizes the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s (“FDIC”) Money Smart for Young People program. Money Smart is a comprehensive, standards-aligned curriculum that encompasses subjects such as Financial Literacy, English language arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Economics, and Technology for the following grades and age groups:  

  • Money Smart for Young People, Grades 3-5 (served by request)

  • Money Smart for Young People, Grades 6-8

  • Money Smart for Young People, Grades 9-12 and ages 18-20

  • Money Smart for Adults (as applicable for foster care youth who are older than age 20)




Saint Nia offers scholarships to current students who are performing satisfactorily and are in financial need (*number and amount of awards are based on available funds). The criteria for awarding scholarships are based on a personal statement and a letter of recommendation.


Event Planning:


Saint Nia Foundation board members are event specialists with years of experience planning, organizing, and putting on community and organization meetings, fundraising events, conferences, etc.  Saint Nia's board members also have years of experience in public speaking and emceeing.


Other services available by request:

  • Math and Reading Workshops

  • Homework Completion Support

  • Tutoring Program (Group and One-on-One)

  • After-school youth development activities, including mentoring

  • Money Mindset and Law of Attraction Training

  • Educational Consulting (College Admissions Essays, College Enrollment, SAT Prep, Financial Planning)