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Saint Nia Foundation, Inc.


The Saint Nia Foundation, Inc. (“Saint Nia”) is a Sacramento, California-based 501(c)(3) educational and philanthropic non-profit organization founded in 2001. Saint Nia is dedicated to empowering students through financial literacy, self-exploration, self-improvement, and enrichment. Saint Nia teaches financial literacy by request and via contract with collaborative community partners; provides an affordable, home-cooked meal option at the African Market Place; and implements charitable endeavors by providing funding for meals for the unhoused/homeless in the Sacramento region.

A saint is defined, in part, as one distinguished for piety, dutifulness, and virtue. Nia is a Swahili word meaning intention or purpose.  The Saint Nia Foundation is dedicated to fostering the best in our students to help them reach their highest potential and live their life’s purpose through education, enrichment, and financial literacy.

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Saint Nia’s mission is for young people to be financially literate prior to graduating from high school.  Saint Nia accomplishes this through providing workshops at local schools, churches, afterschool programs, and other organizations, teaching the Federal Deposit Insurance Company’s (FDIC) Money Smart for Young People program to youth from age 12 to 20 years old. We also serve foster care youth up to the age of 26. We serve ages outside of this target range by request.


Money Smart is a comprehensive, standards-aligned curriculum that encompasses subjects such as English language arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Economics, and Technology. 

Saint Nia ‘s vision is to become the leading and number one pioneer in inspiring, training and mentoring financial literacy into mainstream high school curriculum throughout the nation.


Please contact us if you'd like for us to do a virtual presentation (via Zoom, webinar, live video, etc.) for your class, school, college/university, after school program, youth program, group home, church, etc. 


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